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Salesforce, Inc. (Salesforce) operates as a global leader in customer relationship management (CRM) technology that brings companies and their customers together. The company’s Customer 360 platform unites sales, service, marketing, commerce and IT teams by connecting customer data across systems, apps and devices to create a complete view of customers. With this single source of customer truth, teams can be more responsive, productive and efficient, deliver intelligent, personalized experiences across every channel and increase productivity. With Slack, the company provides a digital headquarters where companies, employees, governments and stakeholders can collaborate to create success from anywhere. The company’s Customer 360 service offerings are designed to be flexible, scalable and easy to use. They can generally be configured easily, deployed rapidly and integrated with other platforms and enterprise applications. The company sells to businesses worldwide, primarily on a subscription basis, through the company’s direct sales efforts and also indirectly through partners. The company also enables third parties to use the company’s platform and developer tools to create additional functionality and new applications that run on the company’s platform, which are sold separately from, or in conjunction with, the company’s service offerings. Service Offerings The company’s industry-leading Customer 360 platform spans sales, service, marketing, commerce, collaboration, integration, artificial intelligence, analytics, automation and more. It empowers the company’s customers to work together, from anywhere, to deliver seamless, connected, personalized experiences for their customers. The company’s customers can select from its integrated Customer 360 solutions for any team, in any industry and for companies of any size, to get a single source of truth and complete view of their customers. Customer 360 service offerings are designed to work together and include: Sales: The company’s Sales offering empowers sales teams of companies to efficiently manage and automate their entire sales process from leads to opportunities to billing, allowing them to sell faster, smarter and in the way they want. The company’s customers use its Sales offering to store data, monitor leads and progress, forecast opportunities, gain insights through analytics and relationship intelligence and deliver quotes, contracts and invoices. The company’s Sales offerings enable teams to work from anywhere in the office, on the go or at home and support the changing expectations of customers in a digital-first world. Service: The company’s Service offering enables companies to deliver trusted and highly personalized customer service and support at scale. Organizations use the company’s Service offering to connect their service agents with customers anytime and across multiple channels — from the phone and email to self-service portals and social media — allowing customers to engage with companies in the ways that best suit them. The company’s Service offering also helps its customers’ customers resolve routine issues by engaging with AI-powered chatbots that provide informed recommendations and suggested next steps. In addition, Service offers a field service solution that enables companies to connect agents, dispatchers and mobile employees through one centralized platform, on which they can schedule and dispatch work intelligently and track and manage jobs in real-time. Platform and Other. Platform: The company’s Platform offering is an easy, flexible platform that enables companies of all sizes, locations and industries to build business apps that bring them closer to their customers, with drag-and-drop tools that boost efficiency, increase productivity and save on IT costs. It is an agile and trusted way for enterprises to innovate and deliver digital transformation at scale. Platform offers industry-leading trust, security and availability, built-in compliance and automatic upgrades. Integrated platform services, such as automation, AI and real-time data processing, make it easier for customers to utilize those capabilities in their Salesforce applications. Platform also includes Trailhead, the company’s free online learning platform that allows anyone to learn in-demand Salesforce skills, including administering the company’s services and developing on Platform. With myTrailhead, customers can personalize Trailhead for their business to empower learning and enablement at their company. Slack: The company’s Slack offering is a system of engagement that digitally connects employees, customers, partners and systems with every application and every workflow. Slack enables organizations to build a digital headquarters and work more efficiently by supporting the way people naturally work together, in real-time or asynchronously, in-person or remote and structured or informal. The company continues to innovate and integrate Slack across the company’s Customer 360 platform. Marketing and Commerce Marketing: The company’s Marketing offering enables companies to plan, personalize and optimize one-to-one customer marketing journeys, including interactions across email, mobile, social, web, Web3 and connected products. Marketing enables the company’s customers to provide an integrated customer experience across their customers' journey with real-time personalization, and optimize overall marketing impact with integrated analytics. With the company’s Marketing offering, customer data can also be integrated with the company’s Sales offering and the company’s Service offering in the form of leads, contacts and customer service cases to give companies a single source of truth for their customers. Commerce: The company’s Commerce offering empowers brands to unify the shopping experience across many points of commerce, including mobile, web, social and store. Through personalized, connected shopping experiences and a robust partner ecosystem, the company’s Commerce offering helps companies drive increased engagement, conversion, loyalty and revenue from their customers. The company’s Commerce offering also delivers click-to-code tools that provide customers with the ability to choose how they build and deploy the company’s solutions quickly around their customers as markets, industries and customers change. Data Analytics: The company’s Analytics offering, including Tableau, provides customers with an advanced, end-to-end analytics solution serving a broad range of enterprise use cases. Analytics offers customers intelligent analytics capabilities to better see and understand their business data, enabling them to work more efficiently, use advanced AI models, spot trends, predict outcomes, get timely recommendations and take action from any device. Integration: The company’s Integration offering, powered by MuleSoft, makes it easy to connect data from any system to deliver truly connected experiences. MuleSoft helps the company’s customers unlock, unify and secure their data, use discoverable, reusable APIs and integrations and increase their speed and agility to quickly create connected experiences. MuleSoft allows the company’s customers to unlock data across their enterprise, which can create new revenue opportunities, increase operational efficiency and create differentiated customer experiences. Other Customer 360 Service Offerings In addition to the company’s solution specific service offerings, the company has specialized solutions that work across all offerings to support the capabilities the company’s customers’ business needs. These additional service offerings include: Customer Data Cloud: At Dreamforce 2022, the company announced the Genie Customer Data Cloud (‘Genie’), a hyperscale real-time data platform that powers the entire Salesforce Customer 360 platform. With Genie, companies can power seamless, highly personalized experiences across sales, service, marketing and commerce that continuously adapt to changing customer information and needs in real time. Genie ingests and stores real-time data streams at scale and combines it with Salesforce transactional data and includes built-in connectors that bring in data from every channel, legacy data through MuleSoft, and historical data from proprietary data lakes. With Tableau for Genie, customers in every business can visualize, automate, explore and act on data in real time. Industry Verticals: The company’s industry vertical service offerings are suited to meet the needs of the company’s customers in specific industries, such as financial services, healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing and more. They include out-of-the-box capabilities that provide the speed and flexibility to keep up with changing times and customer demands, accelerating time to value. Salesforce Easy: The company offers Salesforce Easy, which is designed and priced for small and medium-sized businesses and offers a purpose-built Customer 360 solution. With ease of purchase through self serve and customized out-of-the-box features, Easy helps customers increase productivity, save time and cut costs. Business and Growth Strategy The company continues to expand in the growing addressable markets across all of the company’s service offerings, providing additional opportunities for growth in the company’s business and results. The company continues to focus on several key growth levers, including driving multiple service offering adoption, increasing the company’s penetration with enterprise and international customers and the company’s industry-specific reach with more vertical software solutions. The company orients its business strategy and invest for future growth by focusing on the following key priorities: expanding relationships with existing customers; increasing geographic reach; focusing on industries and new products; leveraging the company’s partner ecosystem; and promoting strong customer adoption and reduce customer attrition. Mergers and Acquisitions and Strategic Investments The company evaluates opportunities to acquire or invest in complementary businesses, services, technologies and intellectual property to complement the company’s organic innovation and advance the development of the company’s Customer 360 Platform. The company’s evaluation seeks to ensure that any potential acquisition accelerates the company’s Customer 360 strategy, and represents an attractive customer opportunity, there is a way to effectively monetize the acquired products and drive significant operational efficiencies and there is a clear timeline for value accretion. The company’s acquisitions can range in size and complexity, from those that enhance or complement existing products and accelerate development of features to large-scale acquisitions that result in new service offerings. The company also manages a portfolio of strategic investments in both privately held and publicly traded companies focused primarily on enterprise cloud companies, technology startups and system integrators. The company’s investments range from early to late stage companies, including investments made concurrent with a company’s initial public offering. The company invests in companies that are digitally transforming their industries, improving customer experiences, helping the company expands its solution ecosystem or supporting other corporate initiatives. The company plans to continue making these types of strategic investments as opportunities arise that the company finds attractive, including investments in companies representing targeted geographies, businesses and technological initiatives. The company’s strategy includes growing the company’s strategic investment portfolio, in part, by reinvesting proceeds from the sales of strategic investments. Technology, Development and Operations The company primarily delivers its Salesforce solutions as highly scalable cloud computing application and platform services on a multi-tenant technology architecture. The company continues to provide its services to its customers from infrastructure designed and operated by the company but secured within third-party data center facilities. In combination with these third-party data center facilities, the company also provides its services via cloud computing platform partners who offer Infrastructure-as-a-Service, including servers, storage, databases and networking. The company continues to invest and expand the deployment of Hyperforce, which allows the company’s platform and applications to be delivered rapidly and reliably to locations worldwide, giving the company’s customers autonomy and control over data residency. The company’s technology and product efforts are focused on improving and enhancing the features, functionality, performance, availability and security of the company’s existing service offerings, as well as developing new features, functionality and services. The company also remains focused on integrating businesses, services and technologies from acquisitions, including the company’s most recent acquisitions of Slack, Tableau and MuleSoft. Performance, functional depth, security, usability, ease of integration and configuration and sustainability of the company’s solutions influence the company’s technology decisions and product direction. Customers The company sells to businesses of all sizes and in almost every industry worldwide. Customer Service and Support The company offers professional services to help customers achieve business results faster with Salesforce solutions. The company’s architects and innovation program teams act as advisors to plan and execute digital transformations for the company’s customers. This includes implementation services for multi-cloud and complex deployments. The company provides best-practices and AI-based recommendations and adoption programs globally. In addition, the company provides advanced education, including in-person and online courses, to certify its customers and partners on architecting, administering, deploying and developing the company’s service offerings. The company’s global customer support group responds to both business and technical inquiries about the use of the company’s products via the web, telephone, email, social networks, and other channels. The company also offers premier customer support that is either included in a premium success offering or sold for an additional fee, which can include services, such as priority access to technical resources, developer support and system administration. In addition, the company offers a premier priority support add-on that includes proactive monitoring, rapid incidence response and instruction from a dedicated support team knowledgeable about the customer's specific enterprise architecture. Sales and Marketing The company sells its services primarily through its direct sales force, which comprises telephone sales personnel based in regional hubs, field sales personnel based in territories close to their customers and self-service offerings. To a lesser extent, the company also utilizes a network of partners who refer sales leads to the company and assists in selling to these prospects. This network includes global consulting firms, systems integrators and other partners. The company continues to invest in developing additional distribution channels for the company’s subscription services. The company uses a variety of marketing programs across traditional and social channels to target the company’s prospective and current customers, partners and developers. History The company was founded in 1999. It was incorporated in Delaware in 1999. The company was formerly known as salesforce.com, inc. and changed its name to Salesforce, Inc. in 2022.

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