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Wireless Telecom Group, Inc., doing business as Noise Com, Inc., designs and manufactures advanced radio frequency (RF) and microwave devices, which enable the development, testing and deployment of wireless technology.

The company’s wholly owned subsidiaries include Boonton Electronics Corporation (Boonton); Microlab/FXR LLC (Microlab); Wireless Telecommunications Ltd.; CommAgility Limited (CommAgility); and Holzworth Instrumentation, Inc. (Holzworth). The company consists of five brands, such as Microlab, Boonton, Noisecom, CommAgility and Holzworth.

The company’s product groups are organized as RF Components, which consist of its Microlab brand; Radio, Baseband, Software, which consist of its CommAgility brand; and Test and Measurement, which consist of its Boonton, Noisecom and Holzworth brands.

The company’s products include components, modules, instruments, systems and software used across the lifecycle of wireless connectivity and communication development, deployment and testing. Its services include software customization, calibration, repair and maintenance. The company’s customers use these products in the development and deployment of long-term evolution (LTE) and 5G private networks, small cell solution development and deployment, 5G test environments, automated test environments, research labs, network densification and deployment, expansion and upgrade of distributed antenna systems, and medical device manufacturing. In addition, the company’s products are used in the development and testing of satellite communication systems, radar systems, semiconductor manufacturing, automotive electronics, and avionics.

Brands and Products


Microlab designs and manufactures a selection of RF components and integrated subsystems for signal conditioning and distribution in the wireless infrastructure markets, as well as for use in medical devices. Microlab products are used in small cell deployments, distributed antenna systems, in-building wireless solutions and cellular base-stations. In 2020, Microlab expanded its portfolio of RF components for ultra-wide band frequency ranges enabling the deployment of commercial wireless networks utilizing new licensed and unlicensed mid-band spectrum allocations.

High performance components, such as power combiners, directional couplers, attenuators, terminators and filters are developed for broadband applications to support commercial in-building wireless networks, public safety networks, rail and transportation deployments, corrosive salt/fog environment build-outs and global positioning system (GPS) signal distribution.

Along with components and integrated subsystems, the Microlab portfolio also includes system performance monitoring and timing synchronization solutions. These products include a portfolio of GPS digital repeaters and splitters for cellular timing synchronization, as well as a passive systems monitor for real-time diagnostics of an in-building distributed antenna system.


Boonton provides high performance RF and microwave test equipment for radar, avionics, electronic warfare, electromagnetic interference compatibility, and satellite and wireless communications applications. Used across the semiconductor, military, aerospace, medical and commercial communications industries, Boonton products enable a wide range of power measurements and signal analysis for RF product design, production, maintenance, and testing.

Boonton designs and produces electronic test and measurement equipment, including power meters, power sensors, voltmeters, and audio and modulation analyzers. These products measure and analyze the performance of RF and microwave systems used by the military and commercial sectors. Boonton products are also used to test terrestrial and satellite communications, radar and telemetry. Certain power meter products are designed for measuring signals based on wideband modulation formats, allowing a variety of measurements to be made, including maximum power, peak power, average power and minimum power.


Noisecom is a major provider in RF and microwave noise sources for signal jamming, system impairment, reference level comparison and calibration, receiver robustness testing, and jitter injection. Noisecom designs and produces noise generation instruments, calibrated noise sources, noise modules and diodes. Noisecom noise products are used to provide wide band interference and test signals for commercial communication and defense applications, and as a stable reference standard for advanced systems found in radar applications and satellite communications.

Noise source products simulate challenging signaling conditions in data and radio frequency transmission systems, such as jitter testing for high speed data lines used in modern computer architecture; send signals for noise measurement to allow wireless receivers and transmitters to be optimized; are used for jamming RF signals, blocking or disturbing enemy radar and other communications and insulating and protecting friendly communications; and comprise components in radar systems as part of built-in test equipment to monitor the radar receiver and in-satellite communications where the use of back-up receivers is becoming more common.

Electronic noise generation devices from Noisecom come in a variety of product types, including noise diodes, built-in-test modules, calibrated noise sources, jitter sources, cryogenic noise standards and programmable instruments. Calibrated noise sources are available from audio to millimeter wavelengths in coaxial or waveguide modules. Programmable instruments are highly configurable and able to generate precise carrier-to-noise, signal-to-noise and broadband white noise levels. Noisecom products are customizable to meet the needs of challenging applications and can be designed for high power, high crest factor, and specific filtering.


Holzworth designs and manufactures specialty phase noise analyzers and signal generators used by aerospace and defense companies, government labs, the semiconductor industry, and network equipment providers. Holzworth products are used in research and automated test environments and for quantum computing.


CommAgility develops the software, which enables specialized LTE and 5G deployments, applications and private network solutions, including the LTE physical layer and stack software, for mobile network and related applications. CommAgility also develops embedded signal processing hardware and RF modules, which enable 5G and LTE mobile network and application solutions. Combining the digital processing platforms and RF technologies with advanced, industry-leading software, CommAgility provides compact and reliable products for integration into high performance test equipment, specialized radio and intelligence systems, satellite systems and research and development demonstrators.

CommAgility engineers work with customers to provide hardware and software solutions for the demanding real-time signal processing, test and control challenges in wireless baseband, private and specialized networks, satellite communications, radar and electronic warfare. Additionally, CommAgility licenses, implements and customizes 5G and LTE physical layer and stack software for private networks supporting satellite communications, the military and aerospace industries, offering the company’s customers implementation capabilities built on 3rd Generation Partnership Project standards.

In January 2020, CommAgility announced a collaboration agreement with NXP Semiconductors in connection with the NXP Layerscape Access Programmable Baseband Processors for 5G New Radio Platforms. The collaboration enables CommAgility to accelerate 5G hardware and software development and enhance the performance of its 5G platform, providing advantages to customers developing 5G solutions and reducing their time of development. The collaboration will help CommAgility address needs for private and specialized network solutions.

Marketing and Sales

The company’s products are sold globally through its in-house sales force, industry-specific manufacturers’ representatives and through a network of authorized distributors. The company promotes the sale of its products through its website, product literature, published articles, technical conference presentations, direct mailings, trade advertisements and trade show exhibitions.


The company sells the majority of its products to aerospace and defense companies, distributors, telecommunications service providers, systems integrators, neutral host operators, global technology and services companies, the United States of America (U.S.) and foreign governments, medical device manufacturers, wireless carriers, military and government agencies, satellite communication companies, network equipment manufacturers, tower companies, semiconductor companies, and other global technology companies.

Research and Development

The company’s research and development costs were $6.4 million for the year ended December 31, 2020.


The company is subject to the Export Administration Regulations, which regulates the export of certain ‘dual use’ items and technologies, and in some instances, requires a license from the U.S. Department of Commerce in connection with sales of its products.

Certain of the company’s contracts with the U.S. Government are subject to Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) regarding government procurement. Further, certain of the company’s contracts are subject to the information technology security requirements of Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) for controlled unclassified information. The company is in material compliance with applicable requirements of FAR and DFARS.


The company competes with Keysight Technologies, Inc.; Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG; Anritsu Corporation; Kathrein; Commscope; Qualcomm; Mavenir; Altiostar; and Azcom. It also competes against smaller offshore vendors, such as Sym Technology, Inc.; Innowave RF; and Wireless Supply.


Wireless Telecom Group, Inc. was founded in 1985. The company was incorporated in the state of New Jersey in 1985.

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